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Open Play Memberships   1 kid 2 kids 3 kids 4 kids
Private Play Memberships   Monthly    Annual
Open Play Multi-Pks     5 pk   10 pk
Private Play Multi-Pks   5 pk    10 pk

Be careful to correctly choose the type of membership or multi-pass pack you want!

MEMBERSHIPS - Private or Open Play

Open Play Passes - Private or Open Play

Below you will find all of our membership options and play pass options.
Please be sure you are choosing either Open Play or Private Play options - depending on how you want to play.


Kaleidoscope Family Gym promotes and encourages a safe, inclusive, empathetic, and supportive environment for all families, all kids. We welcome all types of families and kids and have a focus on kids with autism, sensory disorders or other disorders. For more information on these disorders, please visit our blog page regularly.