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Kaleidoscope Family Gym is an indoor playground that promotes and encourages a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all families, all kids. We welcome all types of families and all types and ages of kids and have a focus on kids with additional needs, such as autism, sensory disorders or other disorders.

Parents' Info

Kaleidoscope Family Gym is a parent/caregiver-supervised facility.  Our staff will roam and assist where needed and we will pay special attention to the needs of everyone, but we are not responsible for supervising your kids while they are in the play areas, unless it is Parents-Night-Out or a meeting night. 

Parents are always welcome to join their children inside the play areas and are never charged admission fees at KFG! 

Sensory Needs

Kaleidoscope Family Gym is a space that is safe and fun for everyone.  We want everyone to feel comfortable here.  If you are bringing your family and you would like music, no music, low lights, blinds closed - just let us know.  Since we book private play dates with just who you are comfortable with, we can meet most of your needs.

Wheelchair Friendly

We designed our space for families with additional needs.  If you or your child uses a wheelchair, you will find a smooth floor, wide doors and things to do at wheelchair height.


Parents' Lounge and Cafe Area


Kaleidoscope Family Gym offers parents a comfortable place to lounge while their children play close-by!  Coffee, tea and healthy snacks options are available for purchase in our 'Kaleidoscope Cafe'!

Parents'/Kids' Work-Study Area

Kaleidoscope offers free wi-fi and several areas where a parent or student can get a little work done while the kids play.  You can choose a hammock, a comfy chair or couch, or a cafe table to settle in to and get caught up on some things.

'Socks Only' Facility

Kaleidoscope Family Gym is a 'socks only' facility.   If you forget, really cool KFG socks will be available for purchase at the front desk!  Because our floor is so great for slipping and sliding, we recommend grippy socks. If your child has special needs and must leave their shoes on, we have shoe covers available for 50 cents.

Parent Support & Meeting Options

Kaleidoscope Family Gym offers parent support and opens the possibility for occupational therapists, special education teachers and other health professionals to meet with parents and caregivers.

Party Room Rentals

Book your "all-inclusive" birthday party or special event at KFG! Choose our Classic Party, or add one of our themes.  If you don't see the theme you want, just check with us. 

Special Events & Theme Nights

Kaleidoscope Family Gym hosts a variety of theme night parties and special events! Check back for upcoming events and activities!

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