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Sick Policy and Entry Regulations

It is so important to us that Kaleidoscope Family Gym be available for your family to use as a place away from home to run, jump and play.  In order to continue offering our building as a safe space, we will be adhering to state mandates and following all regulations.  Our priority is keeping our guests and our staff safe and healthy.

During Covid, our play sessions are pre-register online only.  We will not be allowing any walk-ins.  Every family is required to sign a waiver upon entry to the facility stating they have not been  exposed to, or had, Covid in the last 14 days.

We do have a contactless thermometer available.  At any time, if our staff has concerns, we will ask that you check your/your kids temperature.  Any person with a temperature above 98.6 will not be able to enter that day. 

If you have coughing, runny noses, cold symptoms, please do not schedule a visit. We are not able to differentiate between different communicable illnesses, allergies or localized infections.  If our staff has concerns about exhibited symptoms, you may be asked to leave and reschedule.

Adults must wear masks - even though you are visiting with just your family, we want to protect our staff as well.

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