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  • We use Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners whenever children are present or will soon be present. 

  • We will use bleach, but only after the gym is closed for the day and children won't be onsite until the next day.

  • We use Lysol on the front door handle(inside and out) and on the bathroom door handles between each visit.


  • A bucket is set up at reception for parents to place items their child has put in their mouth.  We ask that parents be super diligent in this.  No "mouthed" toys return to the play area without being disinfected again.

  • We are currently hosting private one-family only play sessions of 90 minutes and closing for a 30-minute window between sessions to allow us time to thoroughly clean.

  • During our closed-for-cleaning times, we are wiping down all surfaces with a towel soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution.

  • Toys are either rotated out and put away for cleaning or are wiped down or dunked in solution.  Plastic toys are dunked in solution and left to dry before being put back out, wooden toys are wiped.

  • Fabric furniture is wiped or lightly sprayed with hydrogen peroxide solution.

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