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Kaleidoscope Family Gym is following the state mandates related to Covid-19.

We offer Private Play for just your family and whomever you want to invite.
Up to 15 kids,  from Up to 7 households in your regular pod

30 people maximum

We are also offering "Open Play". You will be playing with other families.

Up to 15 kids and 20 adults (1 or 2 per family only)
(must pre-book all visits online)

Reserve a time to come in and play with ONLY the people in your family/friend pod!
Reserve a space for your kid(s) in one of our Open Play sessions!

Our 5 year old grandson is on site.  He plays behind the desk with gramma.  If you would like to invite him to play, please do.

You can book a 90- minute playdate and reserve the entire gym for just your family or invite close friends.

The gym will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions.
*See our cleaning process here


Time to Play

Your family can reserve a private 90-minute play session.

White socks with polka dots


Socks are required for entry into the play areas.

If you forget to bring socks, we have some available for purchase.

Pencil and notepad


Each adult and each child MUST have a waiver on file before they can play.

Waivers are good for one year from completion.

Every adult and every child must have a waiver on file in order to visit the gym.
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