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Morning Reflection On The Why

I'm sitting in the gym this morning, listening to the sounds of a family playing - the mom is riding the Roller Racer, the little guy is on the horse, chasing her around the room. Dad and baby are in the baby section playing with blocks. Yesterday, we had a mix of family types. We had an early morning family getting their extra energy out first thing. The mom was able to get some work done while the kids ran around and squabbled and played and chased. We had a family with additional needs hanging out on the mats and in the hammocks, comfortable and safe, enjoying time together as a family. A family with one kid, a family with 3 kids and a family with 4 kids - all found their way here and all were able to spend quality family time together away from the normalcy (and sometimes boredom) of home. This is why. We built this space so every family of every type can have a place to go, to hang out, to run and chase and yell or just play quietly in their favorite spot. We hope you can join us soon!

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